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导读:一、日常问候和答语 1. Hello/ Hi 你好。 3. Good morning/ afternoon/evening. 早上 / 下午 / 晚上好。 你今天早晨 / 下午 /4. How are you(this morning/afternoon/evening)? 晚上好吗? 5. Fine, thank you/ thanks. 我很好,


一、日常问候和答语 1. Hello/ Hi 你好。

3. Good morning/ afternoon/evening. 早上 / 下午 / 晚上好。

你今天早晨 / 下午 /4. How are you(this morning/afternoon/evening)? 晚上好吗? 5. Fine, thank you/ thanks. 我很好,谢谢。

6. Not bad, thank you. 不错,谢谢。

7. How do you do? 你好。

8. Nice to meet /see you. 很高兴认识 / 见到你。

二、告别、祝福和答语 1. Goodbye/Bye . 再见 2. See you! (See you later!) 再见,回头见。

3. Good night. 晚安。

4. Happy birthday! 生日快乐! Thank you! 谢谢!5. Happy New Year! 新年快乐! Happy New Year!/ The same to you!( 大 家共同的节日 ) 6. Happy Children ’ s Day! Happy Women ’ s Day! 7.Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐!三、介绍和谈论人物 1. My name is … / I ’ m … 我的名字是… / 我名叫…

2. This is Miss/ Mr/ Mrs … 这位是…小姐 / 先生 / 女士。

3. This is my friend. 这是我的朋友。

4. He/ She is … 他是 / 她是…四、询问 1. 人: 1) 姓名 1. What ’ s your name, please? 你的名字是什么 ? My name is …2. What ’ s his/her/its name? 她 / 他 / 它叫什么名字? Her/His/Its name is … 2)年龄 1.How old are you? 你多大了? I ’ m … 2. How old is he/she/it? 她 / 他 / 它多大? She /He/ It is … 3) 生日 1. When is your /his/her birthday? It ’ s July 1 st . 4) 出处 1. Where is/ are … .from? She is from American. 她来自美国。

2. Where do/does … come from? She is from American. 她来自美国。

5) 人物 1. Who is he ? He is my brother. 他是我弟弟。


1. What is he?He is a doctor. 他是医生。

2. What does he do? He is a doctor. 3. What ’ s his job? He is a doctor. 7)外貌 1. What is he like? He is short and thin. 他很矮很瘦。

8) 喜好 1. What do/does he like? He likes English. 2. Do/does … like English? Yes, he does/ No, he doesn ’ t. 9) 事情 1. What ’ s the matter with you? 你怎么啦? I have a cold. 我感冒了。

2. 物: 1)颜色 1.What colour is /are … ? It ’ s / They are blue. 2. Is your pen blue? Yes, it is./ No, it isn ’ t. 2)位置 1. Where is /are … ? It ’ s / They are on the desk. 2. Is /Are … in/ on/under/ … ? Yes, it is ./ No, it isn ’ t. 3) 名称 1. What ’ s this? It ’ s a computer. They are …2. What are these/those? 3. Is this/ that … ?Yes, it is. / No, it isn ’ t.4. Are these/ those … ? Yes, they are. / No, they aren ’ t.

4) 数量 1. How many boys are there in your class? 5) 价格 1. How much is this dress? It ’ s 5 yuan. 5 元 Fifteen.3. 其他 1)天气 1. What ’ s the weather like in Beijing? It ’ s sunny. 2. How is the weather? It ’ s sunny. 3. Is it sunny? Yes, it is. No, it isn ’ t. 2) 时间 1. What time is it now ? It ’ s 5 o ’ clock. 3) 季节 1.Which season is it? It ’ s summer. 2. Which season do you like best? Summer. 3. What ’ s your favourite season? Summer. 4) 日期 1.What ’ s the date? It ’ s May 5 th .五、道歉和答语 1. I ’ m sorry. 对不起。

2. Sorry, I don ’ t know. 对不起,我不知道。

3. Excuse me. 对不起,打扰一下。

4. I have a cold. 我感冒了。

I’ m sorry to hear that. 我很遗憾听到这个消 息。

六、感谢和答语 1. Thank you./ Thanks. 谢谢。

You ’ re welcome. 不用谢。

/ That ’ s OK. 没关系。

2. It ’ s very kind of you (to help me ). 帮助我你真是太好了。

七、请求允许和答语 1.May I come in? 我可以进来吗? Come in, please. 请进。

2. Can I have two cakes? 我能吃两个蛋糕吗? No, you can ’ t. 不,你不 能。

3. Can I have one , please? 我能吃一个吗? Yes./All right. Here you are. 好的。


4. Can I go with you? 我能和你一起走吗? Sure. 好的八、建议和劝告 1. Shall we play football together? All right. 好的。

2. Let ’ s go to school. OK/ Good idea. 3. Don ’ t open your book. 不要打开书。

九、邀请 1. It ’ s time to get up/go to school … 2. It ’ s time for dinner./ English class. 3. Would you like some cakes? 到了起床 / 去学校的时候了。


Yes, I ’ d like. / No, thanks.十、问路和答语 1)问路 1. Excuse me, where ’ s the cinema? 请问,电影院在哪? 2. Where ’ s the teachers ’ office, please? 老师办公室在哪? 3. Excuse me, how can I get to the post office? 请问,怎么走才能到达邮 局? 4. Can you show me the way to the bank, please? 你能告我去银行的路 怎么走吗? 5. It ’ s over there, near the Bank of China. 就在那儿,中国银行的旁边。

6. How far is it from Beijing to Shanghai.? 北京离上海有多远? It ’ s 2hours by plane. 乘飞机要两个小时。

7. Is it far from here? 离这儿远吗? No, it ’ s not. 不,不是很远。

2)指路 1. This way, please. 请这边走。

2. You can take No.5 bus. 你可以乘 5 路车。

3. Go straight/along/down. 先前直走。

4. Turn left/ right. 向左 / 右转 5. Sorry, I don ’ t know. You may go and ask him. 对不起,我不知道。


十一、购物 1. Can I help you? 我能帮你吗? Yes, a dress for my daughter. 是的,给我女儿买条裙子。

2. What can I do for you? 我能为你做点什么吗?I ’ d like …我想买。

3. What do you want, a dress or a skirt? 裙? 4. How about the blue one? 这条蓝色的如何? 5. How much is it/ are they? 多少钱? Fifty-nine yuan. 五十九元。

6. What colour would you like? 你要什么颜色的? Green 绿色。

7. What size do you want? 你要多大号码? Size 8. 八号。

8. What / How about this red one? 这件红色的怎么样? 你想要买什么?连衣裙还是短

9. It ’ s too big/small/expensive/ … .Do you have some big/small ones? 这件太小,你有大一点的? 10 . I ’ ll take it (them). 我买了。

11. Here you are. 给你。

Thank you. 谢谢。

十二、打电话 1. Hello, this is … / This is … speaking. 你好,我是。

2. Can I speak to … , please? 我能找。

接电话吗? 3. Who ’ s that? / Who is speaking? 你是谁? 4. Is that … ? 你是。

吗? 5. Hold on. / Just for a moment, please! 稍等, 别挂断。

6. It ’ s for you. 你的电话。

7.What ’ s your telephone number? 你的电话号码是什么?练习一、根据汉语情景,选择正确答案。

1. 当你向你妈妈介绍你的老师时,应说: ( A. This is my teacher, Miss Liu. B. This is my mother. C. Is this your mother? )2. 你不知道今天星期几,想问同学,应说: ( )

A. What day is today ? B. What ’ s the weather like today ? C. What's the date today ?3 . 如果你同一位外国朋友初次见面,他对你说: How do you do? 你应说:( ) A. How are you? B. Hello! C. Hi! D. How do you do?4 . 你向同学 Lin Tao 介绍一位新来的外国小朋友 Jim ,应怎样介 绍? ( ) A. Jim, this is Lin Tao. C. Lin Tao, this is Jim. B. Lin Tao, he is Jim. D. Lin Tao, do you know Jim?5. 假如你是酒店服务员,该如何向顾客打招呼 ? A. What do you want to eat? C. What can I do for you?( )B. What do you like? D. Sit down, please.6. 与陌生人相遇,该如何打招呼 ? A. How are you? C. Hello!( )B. How do you do?D. Are you fine?7. 不小心碰倒了别人的茶杯,你应该向他说:( )

A. Excuse me! C. Never mind.B. I'm sorry. D. Oh, my dear!8. 寻求别人帮助之前,你应说:( ) A. Excuse me. B. I'm sorry. D. Thank you.C. Can you help me?9. 如果你问路,而对方说“不知道”时,你应该如何应答 ? ( ) A. Thank you. B. You're welcome. D. Thanks a lot.C. Thank you all the same.10. 别人感谢你的帮助,你应回答: ( ) A. Thank you all the same. C. It doesn't matter. B. Never mind. D. With pleasure!11. 别人拿了一本新书,你想看,你要说:( ) A. Is this a book? B. What's this? C. May I have a look?12. 当你想知道今天的天气怎么样时,你会问:( ) A. What's it? B. What ’ s the weather like today?C. What a fine day today !

13. 你和伙伴坐在院子里, 你不知道伙伴手中的玩具车是不是白色的, 你会问: ( ) A. It isn ’ t white. B. It is black. C. Is it white?14. 李艳今天没到校,你向老师报告说:( ) A. She is Li Yan. B. Li Yan is not here.C. Is Li Yan at school?15. 你想知道妈妈把你的帽子放在哪里了,你会问:( ) A. Where is my hat, Mum? C. Where is your hat, Mum? B. Where are you, Mum?二、选择最合适的答案,将序号填入括号内。

( ) 16. What ’ s your job? ______ A. I ’ m thirteen. C. I ’ m a singer. B. I like singing.( ) 17. What ’ s the weather like today? ________ A. It ’ s a sunny day. B. Don ’ t forget your raincoat. C. It ’ s Monday.

( ) 18. _______? I like music. A. What do you do? B. Can I help you?C. What ’ s your hobby?( ) 19. How do you do? _________ A. How do you do? C. How old are you? B. How do you do, too?( ) 20. Your dress is very beautiful. _________ A. Oh, no. B. Thank you. C. Don ’ t say that.( ) 21. _________? 10 yuan. A. How many books do you have? B. How much is the book? C. How about the book?( ) 22. Hello! ______ A. Goodbye, Mike. C. This is Betty. B. Hi! I ’ m Tom.( ) 23. Where are you from? _______ A. I ’ m from China. B. I am a Chinese teacher.

C. I ’ m from Chinese.( ) 24. How are you? ________ A. I am nine. B. I am fine. C. I am a student.( ) 25. Where are the stamps? _________ A. It ’ s in the book. B. They are in the book.C. They are Japanese stamps.( ) 26. How many children are there? ________ A. Yes, there are. C. There are five. B. No, there isn ’ t.( ) 27. Would you like some bananas? _________ A. I am sorry. C. No, you can ’ t. B. No, thanks.( ) 28. ________? Fine, thank you. A. How old are you? C. How are you? B. How is the day?( ) 29. What colour is it? __________

A. It ’ s green. C. It ’ s Green.B. It ’ s a green.( ) 30. What ’ s the name of his cat? _______ A. It ’ s a Chinese cat. C. Its name is Mimi. B. It ’ s an English cat.参考答案 一、 1-5 AADCC 6-10 BBACD 11-15 CBCBA 26-30 CBCAC二、 16-20 CACAB 21-25 BBABB


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