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导读:湖南自考英语历年真题解析(一)1.The committee is totally opposed___________any changes being made in the pla ns. A.of B.on C.to D.against 2. We‟ll visit Europe next year ___________we have enough money. A.lest B. until C.un


湖南自考英语历年真题解析(一)1.The committee is totally opposed___________any changes being made in the pla ns. A.of B.on C.to D.against 2. We‟ll visit Europe next year ___________we have enough money. A.lest B. until C.unless D.provided 3. My father seemed to be in no___________to look at my school report. A.mood B. emotion C.attitude D.feeling 4.It is important that enough money___________ to fund the project . A.he collected B.must be collected C. Is collected D. can be collected . 5.You'd better take an umbrella with you___________it rains. A.nevertheless B. although C. in case D so that 6. Frankly speaking, I' d rather You___________anything about it for the time being. A. didn‟t do B.haven‟t done C. Don‟t do D. have done 7.1' m sorn- I can' t see you immediately; but if you‟d like to take a seat, I' ll be with y ou___________. A.f.r a moment B. in a moment C. for the moment D . a t the moment 8 The trumpet player was certainly loud. But I wasn‟t bothered by his loudness_____ ______by his Lack of talent. A. than B. more than C. as D. so much as 9. Our new house is very___________for me as I can get to the office in five minute s. A. adaptable B. comfortable C. convenient D. available . 10.Our journey was slow because the train stopped___________at different villages.

A.suddenly B. gradually C. continuously D. continually . 11.We love peace, yet we are no t the kind of people to yield___________any militar y threat. A up B. to C. in D.at 12.I‟m very sorry to have___________you with so many questions on such an occas ion. A.interfered B. offended C. impressed D. bothered 13. If the whole operation___________beforehand, a great deal of time and mone y would have been lost. A was not planned B. Has not been planned C. had not been planned D. were not pl anned 14. The price of beer___________from 50 cents to 4 dollars per liter during the sum mer season . A. altered B. ranged C.separated D. differed 15. You cannot be___________careful when you drive a car. A. very B. so C. too D. enough 参考答案: 1.【答案】C,考查固定搭配。


be opposed t o 构成固定搭配,意为“反对”。



lest 唯恐,以免;until 直到……;unless 除非,如果不;provided 假如,如果。



be i n the /no mood to do sth .为固定词组,意为“有(没有)做……的心情”。



在“It is important that…”结构中, that 引导的从句中应使用虚拟语气, 即“should+动词原形”, 其中 should 可省略,故选 A。



nevertheless 然而, 不过;although 尽管;in case 以防万一;so that 目的是,以便。

6.【答案】A,考查 would rather 的用法。

句意:坦率地说,我宁愿你现在对此事什么 也不做。

would rather 引导的从句中应用虚拟语气, 且此处表示与现在事实相反的虚拟语气, 故用一般过去时。

故选 A。


句意:对不起,我不能马上见你;但是如果你坐下 来等我的话,我过一会儿就可以。

for a moment 一会儿.(表示时间段);in a moment 过一会儿;for the moment 暂时;at the moment 此时,此刻。



但是与其说 我不能容忍这么大的声音不如说我不能容忍他的演奏水平低下。

首先排除 A、C 两项,因为 它们构不成比较级的正确形式。

而该题的开头句子限定了对 D 项的选择,因为作者更想说 明的是 his lack of talent(缺乏才能)。

not...so much as...与其说......不 如说......,符合题意。


句意:对我来说新家非常便利,因为从家到办公 室只需 5 分钟。

从 as 引导的原因状语从句提供的信息判断,应该选择 C。

其他选项的意思 分别为:adaptable 可适应的,可改编的;comfortable 舒适的,舒服的;convenient 方便 的;available 可得到的,可买到的,可借到的,可搞到的。


句意:我们旅行速度比较慢,因为火车连续不断 地在不同的小村庄停车。

该题主要要求对 C.D 两项做出辨析。

两词都作“连续不断地”解释, 但 continually 隐含中间有停顿,所以符合句意。


句意:我们热爱和平,但我们不是那种屈服于武力威 胁的人.yield to 为固定词组,意为“屈服于……,对……妥协”。


句意:在这个时候问你这么多问题,真是不好意 思。

interfere 干涉,妨碍,介入;offend 得罪,冒犯,使不愉快;impress 留下印象,引人 注目;bother 干扰,麻烦,惹麻烦,bother sb.with sth.用某事麻烦某人,符合题意。


句意:如果事先没有计划好整个运作,大量的时间和 金钱将会流失。

由 would have been lost 可知此处表示与过去事实相反的虚拟语气,从句中 应使用“had+过去分词”o


句意:夏季每升啤酒的价格从 50 美分到 4 美元不 等。

alter 更改,改变;range 在……范围内变动;separate 分开,隔离;differ 有区别,不 同。



“cannot b e too+形容词”构成特殊用法,意为“无论多么……都不为过”。


Have you ever had to decide whether to go shopping or stay home and watch TV o n a weekend? Now you 1 do both at the same time. Home shopping television networks (网络)have become a 2 for many people to shop without 3 having to leave their home. Some shoppers are 4 of department stores and supermarkets-fighting the crowds, w aiting in long lines, and sometimes having slight 5 of finding anything they want to buy. T hey‟d rather sit quietly at home in front of the TV set and watch a friendly announcer desc ribe a product 6 a model shows it. And they can shop around the clock, buying somethin g 7 by making a phone call. Department stores and even mail-order companies are 8 to join in the success of ho me shopping. Large department stores are busy 9 heir own TV channels (频道) to encour age TV shopping in the future. Customers can ask questions about products and place 1 0 ,all through their TV sets. Will shopping by television 11 take the place of shopping in stores? Some industry m anagers think so. 12 many people find shopping at a real store a great enjoyment. And fo r many shoppers, it is still important to 13 or try on dresses they want to buy. That‟s 14 sp ecialists say that in the future, home shopping will 15 together with store shopping but wil l never entirely replace it. 1. A. must B. should C.shall D.can 2. A. programme B. way C.reason D.purpose 3. A. ever B. never C.still D. once 4.A.proud B.fond C.tired D. careful 5. A. sense B.doubt C.hope D.feeling 6. A. until B. since C.if D. while

7. A. suitably B.cheaply C.simply D. hardly 8. A. nervous B. lucky C.equal D.Eager 9. A . putting up B.making up C. setting up D. looking up 10. A. orders B.goods C. books D. answers 11. A lastly B. finally C. especially D. fortunately 12. A. Then B.Yet C.However D. Therefore 13. A. design B.make C. wear D. touch 14. A. how B.why C. what D. when 15. A. exist B.practise C.follow D.appear 参考答案 1.【答案】D,理解推断题。

网络购物时代人们能够( can)进行购物和待在家里看电视 两不误。


坐在家中运用网络电视系统购物成为一种流行的方式( wa y)。

programme 节目,项目;reason 原因;purpose 目的。


副词 ever 表示“有时,从来”,起到加强语气的作用,符合 题意。


be proud of 为……自豪;be fond of 喜欢……;be tire d of 厌烦……;be careful of 小心……。

从后文中所列举的商店购物的不利之处可知,应 选 C。


have slight hope of 表示“……的希望很渺茫”,符合题意。


此处表示电视购物,既有产品描述还有模特的具体演 示,关联词 while 在这里强调两个动作同时进行。


客户买东西需要的仅仅是打个电话,副词 simply 在这里表 示“简单,仅仅”。


电视网络购物成为潮流,许多大型商场等非常“急于”分享 这一块大“蛋糕”obe eager to do sth.表示“急于做某事”,符合题意。


一些大型百货商店正忙于建立( setting up)自己的电视购 物频道。

put up 搭起,张贴;make up 编造;look up 查阅,都不符合题意。


place orders 表示“订购”。


电视购物会不会最终代替商店购物呢?副词 lastly 强调罗 列要点时的“最后一点”;而 finally 则表示“最终,最后”,符合题意。


副词 however 表示前后两句之间的转折关系,但后面往 往用逗号隔开,因此此处 yet(然而)符合题意。


连词 or(或者)表示选择关系.因此空白处内容与 try o n dresses 之间可选择其一,应选择 touch,即“摸一摸或者试穿一下他们想买的商品”。


根据上下文的语境,题干的大意应是“那就是……的原因( That's why...)"。


专家预测未来社会电视网络购物将与商店购物并存( exi st),但永远不会完全替代(replace)它。

Ann Curry is a famous news presenter of the NBC News “Today” show. When she w as 15 she happened to walk into a bookstore in her hometown and began looking at th e books on the shelves. The man behind the counter, Mac McCarley, asked if she‟d lik e a job. She needed to start saving for college, so she said yes. Ann worked after school and during summer vacations, and the job helped pay for h er first year of college. During college she would do many other jobs: she served coffee i n the student union(学生会), was a hotel maid and even made maps for the U.S. Forest S ervice. But selling books was one of the most satisfying jobs. One day a woman came into the bookstore and asked Ann for books on cancer(癌 症). The woman seemed anxious. Ann showed her practically everything they had and fo und other books they could order. The woman left the store less worried, and Ann has al ways remembered the pride she felt in having helped her customer. Years later, as a television reporter in Los Angeles, Ann heard about a child who wa s born with problems with his fingers and his hand. His family could not afford a surgical (外科的) operation, and the boy lived in shame, hiding his hand in his pocket all the time.

Ann persuaded her boss to let her do the story. After the story was broadcast, a doct or and a nurse called, offering to perform the surgical operation for free. Ann visited the boy in the recovery room after the operation. The first thing he did wa s to hold up his repaired hand and say, “Thank you.” What a sweet sense of satisfactio n Ann Curry felt! At McCarley‟s bookstore, Ann always sensed she was working for the customers, no t the store. Today it‟s the same. NBC News pays her, but she feels as if she works for th e people who watch the programmes, helping them make sense of the world. 1.Ann Curry got her first job _____. A.from her friend in a bookstore C.at the NBC news “Today” show B.a couple of years before college D.when she was studying at university2.At which part?time job did Ann Curry feel the happiest? A.The hotel. C.The student union. B.The bookstore. D.The US Forest Service.3.What particularly gives her the feeling of pride? A.Helping people through work. C.Being able to do different jobs well. B.Reporting interesting stories. D.Paying through her college education.4.How did Ann help the child get the operation he needed? A.Ann persuaded the boy to speak on TV. lf. C.Ann‟s boss agreed to raise money. me doctors. 参考答案: 1.【答案】B,推理判断题。


由 第一段最后一句“Sheneeded to start saving for college, so she said yes.(她需要开始为上 大学攒钱,因此就答应了。


故选 B。

2. 答案】 事实细节题。

【 B, 由文章第二段最后一句“But selling ba 以 s wa8 0ne of the m ost satisfying jobs. (然而书是最让她感到满足的工作之一。

)”可知,B 项为正确答案。


由第三段最后一句“…and Ann has always remembered t he pride she felt in having helped her customer。

(......她一直记得帮助顾客之后感到的骄 傲。

)”可知,A 项为正确答案。

D.Ann‟s news report moved so B.Ann paid for the operation herse


文章最后四段描述了主人公帮助一个天生残疾的小孩的故 事。

她是通过说服老板让她做关于这个小孩的节目并播出, 随后引起社会关注而使小孩得以 手术的,而且在倒数第三段中明确指出医生是在看完节目后打电话表示愿意提供免费手术 的。

D 项为正确答案。

自考历年真题:补全对话 Jane : How do you like the idea of having a picnic this Saturday? Michael: Wonderful. But _____1______ ? Jane:What about going to the Westtern Hills?It‟s quite to there. Michael:that's a good idea. ____2_____ to go with us? Jaxne:OK. And we can ask them to prepare some drinks. Michael: ____3 ____ ? Jane : You ' d better buy some fruit, and sandwiches. Michriel:____4_____? Jan e :I like oranges , watermelons, grapes , and bananas. Michriel:__________? Jane : How about eight o' clock in the moming? We can get there mn an hour an d a haif. MichfrreI:OK. I' lI call John and tell him about our plan. 参考答案: 1i. where shall we go 2. Shall we invite John and his girlfriend 3. What should I do then

4. what kind of fruit should I buy 5.when shall we start off自考历年真题解析:阅读理解题ACats are creatures of habit. They like to go to sleep about the same time every day a nd for a certain length of time. They seem to have a natural clock inside them that tells th em when to sleep. Cats increase their regular sleep with occasional cat naps(打盹).Some experts feel t hat humans could also benefit from this habit. Cat naps help to build up energy in the bod y. They are also a good way to get rid of trouble!Since cats have the same moods(情绪)a s humans some experts believe that people can improve their moods. People might beco me happier. A number of famous people have copied cats by taking cat naps during the day. Th e naps would usually last from 15 to 30 minutes. Winston Churchill took cat naps. So did Presidents Harry Truman,John F. Kennedy a nd Lyndon B.Johnson. These famous men were known for their energy. They were als o able to work long hours, often into the night. Napping was their secret. Perhaps more people learn from cats and take naps to feel better and live longer! 1. Taking cat naps_______. A. Will make a person lazy and tired C. Will make people feel better B. is a bad habit D. can help people become famous 2. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. People should take their naps secretly. B. Cats have the same moods as people. C. Some famous people take cat naps. D. Some people have full energy after they take cat naps. 3. Naps usually last______. A. three hours B. less than C. forty-five minutes D. fifty-five minutes 4. This selection was probably written to________. A. show how lazy cats are B. talk about the habits of cats C. tell about famous people and their habits D. persuade people to take naps 1.【答案】C,推理判断题。

从第二段可知,打盹可以集聚体内的能量,也是一种摆 脱麻烦的好的方式,所以打盹可以使人们感觉更好。


文章讲述人们学习猫打盹的方式有益处,而不是要人们 偷偷地打盹。


从第三段第二句可知,打盹一般在 15 至 30 分钟之间。


全文讲述打盹的好处,所以本文的目的是劝人们学会打 盹。

BLife gets noisier every day and very few people can free from noise of some sort or a nother It doesn't matter where you live—in the middle of a modem city,or a faraway villag

e—the chances that you wiU be disturbed by jet aeroplanes, transistor radios, oil powere d engines, etc. , are almost everywhere We seem to be getting used to noise, too. Som e people feel quite lonely without back-ground music while they are working. Scientific tests have shown that total silence can be very frightening expenence for h uman beings. However,some people enjoy listening to pop music which is very loud,and t his can do harm to their eardrums(耳鼓) . The noise level in some disco is far above the u sual safety level for heavy industrial areas. One recent report about noise and concentration(专心) suggested that although a l ot of people say that any noise disturbs their concentration, what really affects their abilit y to concentnate is a change in the level of noise. It goes on to say that a background noi se, which doesn‟t change too much ( music , for example) may even help people to conc entrate. 5. From this passage, the pollution of noise______. A. doesn ' t matter much B. has become worse everywhere C. has become better in big cities D. has become better in villages 6. “Background music ”in the passage means________. A. music p ayed in the concert B. a kind of noise coming into your ears C. music which helps people to concentrate D. music played while people are working 7. Some people may have their hearing hurt_________. A. while they are ln complete silence B. while they are dancing violently C. while they are listening to pop music D. while they are listening to soft music

8. Scientists have discovered that what prevents people from concentrating is_____ ___. A. any kind of noise B. great changes in level of noise C. background noise D. various background music 5.【答案】B,事实细节题。

从第一段可知,生活每天都在变得更加喧闹,很少有人 不被噪音干扰。



从第一段最后一句可知,background music 是人们工作 时听的音乐。




从第三段第一句可知,真正影响人们集中精力的是噪音 级别的改变。

DIf you are writing or studying,it makes very much difference where the light comes fro m. People who use books and pens every day have to be especially careful about the wa y the ligh t shines on their work. Every house gets its light either from daylight through the windows-which is the bes t to use---or from lamps or electricity;but whichever kind of light it is, the way it shines tow ard our book or work is a matter of great importance to the eyes. Take a book,sit with your back toward the wilndow,and try to read. Your shadow(影 子) falls all over the page and makes it almost as bad for your eyes as if you were mn a d ark room. Now turn around and face the window. The page is in the shadow again , while the b right light is your eyes.

Try sitting with your right side toward the window. This is very well for reading,but if y ou were writing,the shadow of your hand would fall across the page and bother(打搅) yo u a little. There is just one other way : sit with your left side to the window. Now everything i s perfect for reading and for writing, too. Whatever kind of light is in the room,the rule about the right to sit is always the sam e. 9. Which of the following is true? A. How the light shines on our work is of much importance. B.The way the light shines on your work makes no difference. C. We needn' t care about where the light comes from. D. P eople can wnite or study under a light that comes from any direction. 10. VVhen you sit with your face towards the window___________. A your shadow falls on your book B. your book is in a shadow C. the light is still dark D. the light is on your page 11. The best way both for reading and for writing is to A. sit facing the light B, let the light shine from your back C. sit with your right side towards the light D. have the light come from your left 9.【答案】A,事实细节题。

从第二段最后一句可知,不论是什么样的光,它照射在 我们的书本上或者工作所需材料上的方式对我们的眼睛很重要。


从第四段的内容可知,当你面朝窗户时,书页又处在了 影子中。


从倒数第二段的内容可知;左侧朝着窗户坐着,对于读 和写来说都是好的。

自考历年真题解析:完形填空题 Brighton is a popular seaside town on the south coast of England. Not long ago,so me policemen were very _________ .There had been several serious accidents _______ _by motorists driving too fast. The police started to set up a speed trap(速度监视器).The y measured ____3___ of 88 yards on a straight road and watched to see ____4____ _ a car took to ____5_____ that far. They knew that if a car took six seconds,it was trav eling faster ____6_____the ____7___ limit of 30miles an hour. When the policemen were ready,they hid ____8____ a hedge(树篱)and started to ti me passing cars.During their first half an hour, they caught five drivers. The 间 icemen wr ote down the _____9______ of each car and the name and address of the driver. But fo r the next half an hour the policemen didn‟t see anybody ____0______ too fast. They tho ught that this was very ________. One of them drove a quarter of a mile along the road a nd saw two students _______ on the grass. They were holding up a sheet of cupboard s o that motorists could see it. On the notice one of the students _____3____ :“Danger.Spe ed crap.”The policemen took the notice away and wrote down the names of the student s. Later on they were each fined £5 for____4___ to stop the police catching motorists w ho were ______5____. 1.A. Pleased 2.A. Made 3. A. a way 4. A. how long 5. A. Walk 6. A. Than 7. A. Time B.Excited B.Experimented B. a distance B. how far B. Fly B. less than B. Speed C. Delighted C. Researched C. a path C. how soon C. Cross D. Puzzled D. Caused D. a highway D. how often D. Travel D. no less than D.areaC. the same as C. Expense

8. A. Over 9. A. Sign 10. A. Running 11.A.common 12. A. Seat 13. A. Writes 14. A. Trying 15. A. Obeying 答案及解析:B. Behind B. Signal B. Walking B. Usual B. Seating B. was writing B. Lying B. StudyingC. Across C. Number C. Driving C. Ordinary C. Sitting C. has written C. Tying C. keeping toD. under D. Shape D. Climbing D. Strange D. Sit D. had written D.frying D. Breaking1.【答案】D,词义辨析题。

根据下文“交通事故”来看,警察不可能“高兴”或“激动”,A. B.C 三项与句意矛盾。

D 项为正确答案,指“迷惑不解”。


此处缺少定语,修饰 accidents.experiment 试验,res earch 研究.显然都与事故无关。

而 make 与 accidents 不搭配-“发生”事故多用 cause,故选 D。


88 yards(88 码)指一段距离.B 项为正确答案。

a wa y 一条路,一种方法;a path 一条小路;a highway 一条公路。



表示“多长时间”,应用 how long。

How far 与句中 that far 重复. how soon 指“多快”,但与句 中 took 不搭配。

how often“多久一次”,指的是频度。


travel 行驶,移动;walk 步行;fly 飞行;cross 穿过。

根据句意,D 项为正确答案。


前面有 faster,为比较级,后面肯定与 than 连用。

The s ame as 不可能与比较级连用。

Less than“少于”和 no less than“不少于”,其中 less 为比较 级,与 faster 重复,故选 A。


“每小时 30 英里”指的是车速;故选 B。

time 时间;expe nse 费用;area 地区,均不符合题意。


只有“在树篱后”才能藏起来,故用 behind 。

over 翻越; across 穿过;under 在……之下。


此处意为:警察写下每辆车的车牌号和司机的姓名、地 址。

number 号码;sign 迹象;signal 信号;shape 形状。



run 跑;walk 步行;climb 爬,均不符合题意。


根据前文“前半小时警察抓到几个违章司机,但后半小 时一个也没抓到”的提示,可判断此处应为“情况有些奇怪”,故选 D。

common 普通的;usu al 通常的;ordinary 平凡的。



see sb. doing s omething.看见某人正在做某事。

当人作主语时,seat 只能用分词形式 seated。



根据文中前后的时 态,可排除 A 和 C。

D 项为过去完成时,符合题意。



Try 试图;lie 躺;t ie 捆;fry 油炸。


break the law 犯法,符合题意。

自考历年真题解析:词汇语法题 例题 1:Of all______reasons for my decision to become a university professor,my f ather's advice was __________most important one. A. the:a B.不填;a C.不填;the D. the;the【答案】D,】本题考查冠词的用法。

句意:促使我决定成为大学教授的所有理由中, 我父亲的建议是最重要的。

of 意为“其中的”,后接复数名词时,名词前要用定冠词 the,特指 在有限的范围内其中的某一个或某一些。

most important 是形容词的最高级,前面要用定冠 词 the。

例题 2: We_______have proved great adventurers, we have done the greatest m but arch ever made in the past ten years. A. needn‟t B. may not C. shouldn‟t D. mustn‟t【答案】B,本题考查情态动词。

句意:我们也许没有被证明是伟大的探险家,不过我 们的前进是过去十年来最伟大的。

“may not+现在完成时”表示“也许没有”,用于对过去或已 经发生的事进行猜测。

“needn't+现在完成时”表示¨ 本来没有必要”,表示过去不需要做某事。


mustn‟t 不与现在完成时连用,只 与动词原形连用,表示“禁止,不要”。

例题 3:The volleyball match will be put off if it_______. A. will rain B. rained C.rains D. is raining【答案】C,拳题考查时态。


主句用一般将 来时或一般现在时.从句通常用一般现在时或现在完成时。

例题 4:Look out!Don‟t get too close to the house__________roof is under repair. A. whose B. which C. of which D. that【答案】A,本题考查定语从句的关系代词。

句意:当心!不要太靠近那座房子,它的 房项还在修理中。

关系代词 whose 表示“……的”,是关系代词 who, which 的所有格,既可 指人,也可指物。

在从句中,whose 作定语,被修饰的词可以是从句的主语、宾语或介词 宾语。

根据句意可判断出 roof 与 the house 之间是从属关系。

例题 5:_____________and I‟11 get the homework finished. A. Have one more hour f I have one more hour 【答案】B,本题考查省略句式。


本句是一 个省略句,相当于祈使句:Give me one more hour and I‟ll get the homework finished. 例题 6: We forgot to bring our tickets,but please let us enter,________? A.do you B.can we C.will you D.shall we B. One more hour C. Given one more hour D. I【答案】C,本题考查反意疑问句。

句意:我们忘记带票了,但是,请让我们进去,好 吗?祈使句的反意疑问句分为两种:当祈使句中舍有 let‟s 时,用 shall we;当祈使句中舍 有 let us 时,要用诵 will you.

例题 7:Drunk driving,which was once a____________occurrence,is now under co ntrol. A. general B. frequent C. normal D. Particular【答案】B,本题考查形容词辨析。

句意:酒后驾车是过去常常发生的事,现在已经得 到控制. general 普遍的-全面的;frequent 时常发生的;normal 正常的,正规的;particular 特别的,特殊的。

例题 8:They have produced___________they did last year. A. twice as much grain as s D. as twice many grain as 【答案】A,本题考查倍数的表示法。


本题 倍数表示法的常用结构为:A is …time as+原级+as B.又因为 grain 为不可数名词,故用 m uch 修饰。

以上例题的解析及应用希望能帮助大家找到做题的感觉, 学英语, 贵在坚持, 持之以恒。

另,在做题时,多想,多总结,这样你就能积累做题的经验,再碰到此类题型,就能得心应 手了。

B. twice more grain as C. twice as many grain a自考历年真题解析:英语英译汉对于英译汉题,首先要了解英汉表达手段的重大差别。


汉语句子时常没有主语,而英语句子 除了个别特殊情况(如祈使句、感叹句)以外,不能没有主语。

所以,在翻译时,-定要把握英 汉两种语言的不同表达习惯,既要忠实于原文,又要符合汉语的表达习惯。

例如: Something must be done to protect our environment from further pollution. (必须采取措施,使我们的环境免受进一步的污染。

) B)英语习惯用从句(长句),而汉语习惯用单句(短句)。

在考试中要善于运用分译法,用 汉语的短句来表达英语长句的内容。

例如: In warmer areas primitive man could use branches to make a framewor k which be then covered with leaves. ( 在气候较为温暖的地方,原始人类能用树枝搭建屋架,外面用树叶遮盖。

) C)英语习惯用名词表示行为动作,汉语则往往相反。

例如:He paid a visit to an exhibition of advanced science and technology on Sunday. (星期天他参观了一个高科技展览。

) D)表达时间、空间时,英语习惯先小后大,汉语则往往相反。

例如:He was born in an out -of- way mountain village in South China at 2 a. m .on May6,1968. (他于 1968 年五月六日凌晨两点出生于中国南部一个偏僻的小山村里。

) 此外,词语的理解离不开上下文,这是我们在翻译中必须时刻牢记的一条。

英语中一词 一义的情况极为罕见,只有通过上下文才能了解单词的确切的含义。

在翻译中,要特别注意 以下三个问题: A)认真把握多义词在语境中的特定含义 例如:What you said sound reasonable.(你的话听起来有道理。

) His father gave him a sound beating.(他爸爸痛打他一顿。

) B)注意习惯用语的理解 英语历史悠久, 拥有极为丰富的习语, 对习语的掌握程度往往决定一个学习者的真实语 言水平。


,例如: I know this fellow from A to Z.(这家伙我非常了解。

) C)确定代词在上下文中的指代关系 代词的理解更是离不开一定的语境 .代词、 代名词或者代动词在句中指代的是什么只有 在特定的语境中才能确定。


在翻译中,有时代词只是 照字面译为“这、那”是远远不够的,须将起代替的部分加以重述。

We have 365 days in a year.(一年有 365 天。


A big nation had its problems,a small nation has its advantages.(大国有大国的 问题,小国有小国的有利条件。

) 词类的转译 名词、动词、形容词往往根据需要转译为其他词类。

例如: My admiration for him grew more . (我对他越来越敬佩。

)(n.- v.) He acted as if he were a teacher. (他的举止像个教师。

)(v.- n.) Man differs from animals in that he is able to speak(人类与动物的区别在于他会 讲话。

(v -n) The new treaty would be good for ten years.(新条约有效期为十年。

)( adj- n.) 词的增补 在翻译过程中,经常遇到这种情况:英文原文中某些词语,无法用一般字典中相对应的 汉语释义表达出来。

翻译时考生应根据原文的意思,活用字典,用 地道的汉语表达出来。

有时要根据英语动词时态形式增补时间修饰语, 有时要增补原文中的省略部分, 有时要把代 词还原为所指的对象,有时要增补连接词以加强修 辞效果。

例如: They are working on my bike. (他们正在修理我的自行车。

) He remained though he was badly ill.(虽然病得很重,但是他还是留了下来。

) We found him at his book in the library.(我们发现他在图书馆看书。

) 定语从句的翻译 英语和汉语的定语都有前置、后置之分。

但不同的是:英语以定语后置为主:汉语则以 前置为主,极少用后置。

所以在翻译过程中,后置定语的翻译是一大难题,尤其是定语从句 的翻译。



例如;This is the reason why an airplane sometimes must taxi a long way befor e taking off. (这就是为什么飞机在起飞之前有时必须滑行一段长路的原因。

) 非限制性定语从句大多在句中起补充说明的作用, 翻译时不改变其语序, 而是根据其作 用区别处理,有时通过重复先行词将定语从句译为并列句或独立句,有时加上连接词语,译 为转折、目的、结果、原因、让步。


例如:In Southern France a solar furnace has been built,where temperature r each more than3,000 centigrade(在法国南部己经建造了一座太阳炉,炉温高达摄氏 30 00 度以上。

) Copper,which is used so widely for carrying electricity,offers very little resista nce. (铜的电阻很小,所以非常广泛地用来输电。

)自考历年真题解析:英语汉译英 对于翻译题,先要想好译成什么样的英语句子结构,是简单句还是复合句,或者是强调 句、倒装句。

如果选用了复合句, 那么要明确哪部分是主句,从句采用的形式, 是定语从句、 状语从句还是其他的从句。

在一个句子内, 主语是什么, 谓语用什么时态, 是主动还是被动, 要不要虚拟语气,这些都要事先筹划好。


遣词造句过程中,要格外注意一些细节问题: 1)仔细斟酌、选用最能确切表达原文意思的英文单词或词组; 2)名词的复数形式,动词的不规则变化,主谓语的一致性; 3)单词的拼写,标点符号,大小写,冠词的使用等。

任何一个细节注意不到都可能出错 丢分。

在翻译过程中,有时可能碰到一些英语单词不会写,这时千万不能灰心丧气,甚至放弃 整个句子。


最好不要把那个词空着, 更不要用汉字去替代。

对句子的结构同样也可以灵活处理, 有些没把握的结构, 可以用比较有把握的结构来代 替。

例如,复合句没有把握,可以用两个简单句来表示;分词做状语没有把握,可以用状语 从句来代替等等。

比如:这个由 10 人组成的委员会一致支持这一决定。

The panel/committee/board consisting of / which was composed of which was made up of

which consist of 10 members supported the decision with one voice /all supported the decision . 考试时,一定要注意书写和卷面整洁。


有的考生在考试中信手写来,一些不良的 书写习惯也带了进来,例如“r”“V”,不分,“i” “l”,不分……,有的常常遗忘标点符号,从而 造成不必要的丢分。

在对此题进行备考复习时,首先对以往做过的“汉译英”作业进行复习,特别是作业中的 错误之处,要进行思考,以求提高水平和技巧。


但在复习过程 中,对一些重点句、重点语法现象,除了记忆之外也要往“汉译英„这方面想一想,自己给自 己提问题:若要考汉译英,这部分可能出什么类型题?这样就会印象更深。

从最近几年的考试情况来看,汉译英主要包括定语从句、形容词或副词的比较级、被动 语态、 虚拟语气、it 作形式主语或形式宾语、强调句型等。

当然,汉译英的目的是将汉语 的句意用规范的英语表达出来, 用什么语法结构和词语是手段问题, 只要译文的句意与原文 一致,不出现重大的语法错误,拼写正确,就符合翻译的要求。

自学考试历年真题解析:英语阅读理解 对于英语阅读理解题,有两种方法: 一、先看文章后做题。




,这样 可以带着问题去阅读, 文章中的内容与考题有关系时仔细阅读,与题目无关时,可以置之 不理,很快跳过去。

还有一些题目涉及一般常识或科普知识,可以在未阅读文章之前自己先 行判 断,在阅读时只要对自己的判断进行验证就可以了。

除了题目本身所要求查找的细节外, 阅读时一定要注意不要逐字逐句地死抠, 而要有所 侧重。


因为这些部分往往是作者所要谈及的论点、主题或中心思想,抓住了主干,那么细节问 题就会迎刃而解。


语篇中句子和句子之间、 段落和段落之间就是通过这种词语连接起来的, 把握住这些词 语就等于把握了句与句、段与段之间的关系,对于获取所需信息、 准确答题至关重要。

语 篇标志词主要表示:(1)例解: 如, for instance , for example, (2) 列举(3)比较;(4) 转折和对比;(5)原因;(6) 结果;(7) 方式手段;(8) 时间;(9)地点;(10) 目的;(11)分类;(12)补充; (13)强调;(14)条件;(15)结论。


因为英语表达多以冗长著称, 论理性很强的文章更是如此。

通过较长的句子来表达复杂 的思想内容,从而使文章更具有说服力。

所以,我们在阅读时,必须重视长句、难句,认真 分析句子,把握关键。


3.阅读理解题型 1)主旨题: 这类问题主要测试考生把握主题与中心思想的能力。

主要形式有: a.The main idea of this passage is ________. b.The passage mainly discusses ____________. c.What is the passage primarily concerned about? d.What is the main topic of this passage? e.Which of the following would be the best title for the passage? f.The best title for this passage might be _________. 作者的态度、写作目的与主题和中心思想关系密切,可以看作主旨题的延伸。

主要形式 有: 问写作目的: g.The author writes this passage mainly to _______. h.The author„s purpose in writing this passage is _________.

问态度: i.The author„s attitude towards … is _________. j.The tone of this passage can be described as ___________. 2)细节题: 这类问题测试考生把握文章细节的能力,主要与文中的考点相联系,如:最高级、唯一 性、其他对比、数字年代、原因等。

主要形式有: 是非题:(三正一误或三误一正) a.Which of the following is True ? b.Which of the following is NOT True ? c.Which of the following is Not mentioned in Paragraph …? 例证题 a.The author gives an example in Paragraph …… mainly to show that ______. 其他具体细节题 From the passage , it can be seen that …。

The main reason for …is _________. 3)推理题 这类题主要测试考生能否在理解字面意义的基础上, 根据所读材料进行一定的判断和推 论,进而理解文章的隐含意义和深层意义。

主要形式有: A It is implied in the passage that ________. B The passage implies (suggests) that ________. C It can be inferred from the passage that _________. D It can be concluded from the passage that ________. E Form the passage we can infer (draw the conclusion) that _________. 4)词义题 这类问题主要测试考生使用词语搭配和根据上下文判断词义的能力。


g.The word “…” in line (Paragragh )…… most probably means ______. h.In paragraph …, the word “…” refers to (stands for) _______. i.The word “…” in Paragraph … can be best replaced by ________. 词汇题考查的词汇主要是熟词僻义或生词 4.猜字的几种技巧 在阅读过程中,经常会遇到一些生词、难词,考试中又不允许查字典,这就需要利用猜 字的技巧了。

通过构词法推测词义是最常用的方法之一, 下面重点介绍如何通过上下文线索 来猜测词义。

1)利用词根、词缀构词法 2)直接定义 作者在行文中有时不得不使用某些难词、偏词,为使读者理解,作者常常会在文章中直 接解释该词语。

作者或通过同位语,或使用定语从句加以阐明,或 用冒号、破折号、括号 给出,或用语篇标志词引出,这类语篇标志词有:that is (to say) ; e .g.;or,in other wo rds;to put it in another way 等。

例如:She is bilingual.In other words,she speaks English and French equally well. (bilingual:会说两种语言的)。

3)近义复述 同一短文中前后两个句子、 短语或单词通常有互释作用, 可以从上下文的复述中获取与 某一单词或短语相关的信息以猜测词义。

例如: It is difficult to list all of my father„s attributes because he has so many differe nt talents and abilities,(attribute:特质;才能) 4)对比和并列表述 利用上下文中的对比或并列表达猜测词义是最常用、 最可靠的方法。

有不少句子会在上 下文中给出某个生词(尤其是偏词、难词)的同义词或反义词,运 用对比或并列表达对这些 生词加以提示。

通过了解词与词之间的连接关系,特别是一些语篇标志词,如:however;o n the other hand;nevertheless 等,我们不难推断这些生词的词义。


If you agree,write “yes”;if you dissent,write “no”。

(dissent:不同意) 5) 根据常识 有些生词看似很难,但根据语境,根据读者的经历或常识,很容易猜出词义。

如果所读 的材料是考生熟悉的内容或在自己专业知识范围内,生词就更易化解了。

其实,猜词的方法并不限于以上这些,大家在阅读中要多动脑筋,善于总结,还能总结 出一些更适合白己的技巧和方法来。

历年真题解析:英语词形变化题 英语词形变化,注意注意一下两点: 一、 熟练掌握动词词形变化规律。

注意: 动词形式既包括谓语动词的各种形式, 如时态、 语态及语气(直陈、虚拟)等,虚拟语气为重点,几年来的考题 中都有这方面内容;也包括非 谓语动词的各种形式。

所以做动词的词形变化时, 首先要搞清楚它在句中是谓语动词还是非 谓语动词,然后再作相应的变化。


主要指谓语动词、非谓语动词、 形容词、副词比较等级、 情态动词、虚拟语气\形容词比较级、最高级,等部分。




So far, Irving ______(live) in New York City for ten years. has lived Many a writer of newspaper articles_______(trun) to writing novels during the p ast decade. has turned Some people think relations between people _______(deteriorate) so much that understanding and friendship are almost impossible . have deteriorated Nearly a week passed before the girl was able to explain what _______(happe n) to her. had happened In the past two decades, research _____(expand) our knowledge about sleep and dreams . has expanded


The nations that _______actively ________(involve) in earthquake prediction pr ograms include Japan, Russia, and the United States. are involved There __________(estimate) to be more than 20,000 overseas domestic serva nts working in Brtain in 1995. were estimated 3)动词的语气: A.掌握非真实条件句中,谓语动词在主句和条件句中的虚拟语气形式。

If you had come earlier, you ______ (not miss) the first act of the play. would not have missed If it hadn„t been for your help, we _____(be) in real trouble. would have been B.在表示建议、命令、要求以及表示“重要性”和“紧迫性”等含义的主语从句、宾语从句、 表语从句和同位语从句中,谓语动词常用虚拟语气,由“动词原形”或“should + 动词原形” 构成。

should 常常省略 I would recommend that you _______(think) about doing something similar for yourself. (should) think It was imperative that students ______(finish) their papers before July 1st. (should) finish C.动词 wish 、would rather (sooner)、if only、as if 后的虚拟语气。

I would rather he _____(buy) the house next year. bought ( 表示从句中动作尚未发生) She treats me as if I ______ (be) a stranger. were The manager told us to be friendly to the visitors as if we _____( meet) them before. had met

If only we ______(have) a phone! I„m tired of waiting outside the public phone box. D.in case , for fear that , lest 等词后从句的谓语动词为(should) + 原形。

He took his umbrella with him lest it _______ (rain.) (should) rain E.在 It is (high) time that 从句中谓语动词一般用过去时动词。

It„s high time that we _______(take) firm measures to protect our environment. took F.时间错综条件句,动词的形式要根据表示的时间调整。


If we had set out earlier,we wouldn„t be walking in the rain. (从句中动作发生在过去,主句中动作发生在现在。

) 4)动词的非谓语动词形式: A.动词不定式:主要考查动词不定式作定语、宾语、宾语或主语补足语等的用法。

还要 注意动词不定式的被动式与完成式。

不定式作定语:If there is no choice, there is no decision ______(make) to be made 不定式作宾语: Robots , already taking over human tasks in the automotive fi eld, are beginning ________(see) . to be seen 不定式作宾补 I notice him _______( leave ) the classroom. leave (可省略 to) 不定式作主补:They were often compelled ______(work) twelve or fourteen hour s a day. to work( 不可省略 to) We make them (to) work day and night. 不定式作宾语补语,在有些动词后可以省 略 TO They are made to work day and night. 不定式作主语补语时,不可省略 TO


注意现在分词与过去分词的 区别。


分词作定语:Anyone ______(want) to understand the industry of the future will have to know about robotics. wanting As research techniques become more advanced, the number of animals ____ _(use) in experiments may decrease. used 分词作状语: When ______(present) with a common case, sales managers te nd to see sales problems and production managers see production problems. prese nted ________ (tell) that some guests were coming , she shopped all morning in t he supermarket. Having been told Her body, with hands and feet _______(bind) , was discovered by a traveler early in the morning. bound 分词做宾补: They may have their passports ______(remove) , making leaving or “escaping” actually impossible. removed 动名词作宾语:If you cannot understand , ask: “ Would you mind ______(rep hrase) the question , please ?” rephrasing If we don„t start out now, we must risk ______(miss) the train. missing 形容词副词: The more time you waste, the _____(easy) it is to continue wasting time.easi er As Jane was the _____(old) , she looked after the other children in the famil y. eldest 词性转换: The explorers were puzzled over what to do next because they were in a ___ __(trick)situation .

trick 是名词或动词,应把它变为形容词 tricky These electric appliances are all similar in construction but each one is _____ (specialize) in its function. specialize 是动词,应把它变为形容词 specific 或 special历年真题解析之英语完型填空 完型填空是测试考生语篇理解能力和词汇运用能力的一种综合手段。

做完型填空题, 考 生必须具有扎实的语法基础、比较牢固的词汇基础以及良好的语感。

1.做题步骤 1)通览全篇,分文体,定结构,知大意。


要做到这一点,就要分清文章的 文体与行文结构。

本题的短文多为说明文或议论文, 结构较紧凑, 往往开门见山地提出主题, 然后逐点说明或评议,最后小结。

所以做题前应浏览全篇,重点是首段、尾段以及每段的首 句、尾句。



初选时,要着眼空格所在的完整句子,瞻前顾后,重点解决与结 构、搭配有关的小题。

对 于个别词汇的考题,如果一时难以抉择,不要恋战,而是继续往下进行,往往进行到下文, 对前边的问题就会有了主意。

3)复读全文,核答案,句通顺,意要畅 题目做完后, 要通读“完型”后的全文, 核查自己所选的答案能否使文章连贯, 语法正确。

如果你发现你所选的某个答案放在句中读起来很别扭, 那么你的语感在提醒你对此答案要三 思。

2.判断技巧 做完型填空题时,在遵循以上三个步骤的同时,还要注意解题思路或技巧。


根据对以往考试的分析, 搭配型题目在完型填空题中占的比例最重。

搭配型问题主要测 试常见搭配的熟练程度,比如说哪些词要搭配不定式、动名词或某种从句,哪些词必须与某 个介词搭配。


2)结构判断法 结构型问题主要包括句型、句式、连接词的选择等,解题时要运用句法知识,把握关键 词,从而做出迅速正确的判断。

完型填空题目中有很多是利用语法 的正确性与逻辑的排斥 性间的矛盾来设计的。


完型填空中常考的逻辑关系主要有: A.转折、让步 : 这种关系表明后一种观点或事实与前一种观点或事实相比有些出乎意 料。

常见的表示转折、让步的词或词组有:but , still , yet , however, though , although, no matter, in spite of ,anyway, even if , 等。

B.因果关系:表原因的连词或词组有: because (of ), due to , owing to , tha nks to , since, for , as , 等。

表结果的词或词组有: so , therefore, then , as a result, in consequence, consequently, thus, 等。

C.表示递进、补充关系: 这种关系表示对前一事实或观点做进一步阐述。

常用的词、 词组有: moreover, likewise, besides, in addition , also , too, not only … but also , apart from , what„s more 等。

D.表示对比、比较关系:对比表示观点或事物间的差异性,比较表明观点或事物间的同 一性。

表示对比的词或词组有:in contrast, by contrast, on the contrary, converse ly, unlike, oppositely 等。

表示比较的词或词组有:like, in comparison , compare… with , as , just as 等。

3)词义判断法 词汇型问题也是完形填空的一个考点, 主要测试考生在段落语篇中把握语义连贯性的能 力,提供选择的词可能是近义词、近形词也可能是随意拼凑的四个选项,遇到这类题,既要 联系上下文,又要具有扎实的词汇基础,有时还须根据自己的文化背景知识做出判断。


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