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导读:自考英语基础一真题 自考英语专科英语试题,湖南自考英语历年真题解析(一)1.The committee is totally opposed___________any changes being made in the pla ns. A.of B.on C.to D.against 2. We‟ll visit Europe next year ___________we have enough money. A.lest B. un

自考英语基础一真题 自考英语专科英语试题
自考英语基础一真题 自考英语专科英语试题

湖南自考英语历年真题解析(一)1.The committee is totally opposed___________any changes being made in the pla ns. A.of B.on C.to D.against 2. We‟ll visit Europe next year ___________we have enough money. A.lest B. until C.unless D.provided 3. My father seemed to be in no___________to look at my school report. A.mood B. emotion C.attitude D.feeling 4.It is important that enough money___________ to fund the project . A.he collected B.must be collected C. Is collected D. can be collected . 5.You'd better take an umbrella with you___________it rains. A.nevertheless B. although C. in case D so that 6. Frankly speaking, I' d rather You___________anything about it for the time being. A. didn‟t do B.haven‟t done C. Don‟t do D. have done 7.1' m sorn- I can' t see you immediately; but if you‟d like to take a seat, I' ll be with y ou___________. A.f.r a moment B. in a moment C. for the moment D . a t the moment 8 The trumpet player was certainly loud. But I wasn‟t bothered by his loudness_____ ______by his Lack of talent. A. than B. more than C. as D. so much as 9. Our new house is very___________for me as I can get to the office in five minute s. A. adaptable B. comfortable C. convenient D. available . 10.Our journey was slow because the train stopped___________at different villages.

A.suddenly B. gradually C. continuously D. continually . 11.We love peace, yet we are no t the kind of people to yield___________any militar y threat. A up B. to C. in D.at 12.I‟m very sorry to have___________you with so many questions on such an occas ion. A.interfered B. offended C. impressed D. bothered 13. If the whole operation___________beforehand, a great deal of time and mone y would have been lost. A was not planned B. Has not been planned C. had not been planned D. were not pl anned 14. The price of beer___________from 50 cents to 4 dollars per liter during the sum mer season . A. altered B. ranged C.separated D. differed 15. You cannot be___________careful when you drive a car. A. very B. so C. too D. enough 参考答案: 1.【答案】C,考查固定搭配。


be opposed t o 构成固定搭配,意为“反对”。



lest 唯恐,以免;until 直到……;unless 除非,如果不;provided 假如,如果。



be i n the /no mood to do sth .为固定词组,意为“有(没有)做……的心情”。



在“It is important that…”结构中, that 引导的从句中应使用虚拟语气, 即“should+动词原形”, 其中 should 可省略,故选 A。



nevertheless 然而, 不过;although 尽管;in case 以防万一;so that 目的是,以便。

6.【答案】A,考查 would rather 的用法。

句意:坦率地说,我宁愿你现在对此事什么 也不做。

would rather 引导的从句中应用虚拟语气, 且此处表示与现在事实相反的虚拟语气, 故用一般过去时。

故选 A。


句意:对不起,我不能马上见你;但是如果你坐下 来等我的话,我过一会儿就可以。

for a moment 一会儿.(表示时间段);in a moment 过一会儿;for the moment 暂时;at the moment 此时,此刻。



但是与其说 我不能容忍这么大的声音不如说我不能容忍他的演奏水平低下。

首先排除 A、C 两项,因为 它们构不成比较级的正确形式。

而该题的开头句子限定了对 D 项的选择,因为作者更想说 明的是 his lack of talent(缺乏才能)。

not...so much as...与其说......不 如说......,符合题意。


句意:对我来说新家非常便利,因为从家到办公 室只需 5 分钟。

从 as 引导的原因状语从句提供的信息判断,应该选择 C。

其他选项的意思 分别为:adaptable 可适应的,可改编的;comfortable 舒适的,舒服的;convenient 方便 的;available 可得到的,可买到的,可借到的,可搞到的。


句意:我们旅行速度比较慢,因为火车连续不断 地在不同的小村庄停车。

该题主要要求对 C.D 两项做出辨析。

两词都作“连续不断地”解释, 但 continually 隐含中间有停顿,所以符合句意。


句意:我们热爱和平,但我们不是那种屈服于武力威 胁的人.yield to 为固定词组,意为“屈服于……,对……妥协”。


句意:在这个时候问你这么多问题,真是不好意 思。

interfere 干涉,妨碍,介入;offend 得罪,冒犯,使不愉快;impress 留下印象,引人 注目;bother 干扰,麻烦,惹麻烦,bother sb.with sth.用某事麻烦某人,符合题意。


句意:如果事先没有计划好整个运作,大量的时间和 金钱将会流失。

由 would have been lost 可知此处表示与过去事实相反的虚拟语气,从句中 应使用“had+过去分词”o


句意:夏季每升啤酒的价格从 50 美分到 4 美元不 等。

alter 更改,改变;range 在……范围内变动;separate 分开,隔离;differ 有区别,不 同。



“cannot b e too+形容词”构成特殊用法,意为“无论多么……都不为过”。


Have you ever had to decide whether to go shopping or stay home and watch TV o n a weekend? Now you 1 do both at the same time. Home shopping television networks (网络)have become a 2 for many people to shop without 3 having to leave their home. Some shoppers are 4 of department stores and supermarkets-fighting the crowds, w aiting in long lines, and sometimes having slight 5 of finding anything they want to buy. T hey‟d rather sit quietly at home in front of the TV set and watch a friendly announcer desc ribe a product 6 a model shows it. And they can shop around the clock, buying somethin g 7 by making a phone call. Department stores and even mail-order companies are 8 to join in the success of ho me shopping. Large department stores are busy 9 heir own TV channels (频道) to encour age TV shopping in the future. Customers can ask questions about products and place 1 0 ,all through their TV sets. Will shopping by television 11 take the place of shopping in stores? Some industry m anagers think so. 12 many people find shopping at a real store a great enjoyment. And fo r many shoppers, it is still important to 13 or try on dresses they want to buy. That‟s 14 sp ecialists say that in the future, home shopping will 15 together with store shopping but wil l never entirely replace it. 1. A. must B. should C.shall D.can 2. A. programme B. way C.reason D.purpose 3. A. ever B. never C.still D. once 4.A.proud B.fond C.tired D. careful 5. A. sense B.doubt C.hope D.feeling 6. A. until B. since C.if D. while

7. A. suitably B.cheaply C.simply D. hardly 8. A. nervous B. lucky C.equal D.Eager 9. A . putting up B.making up C. setting up D. looking up 10. A. orders B.goods C. books D. answers 11. A lastly B. finally C. especially D. fortunately 12. A. Then B.Yet C.However D. Therefore 13. A. design B.make C. wear D. touch 14. A. how B.why C. what D. when 15. A. exist B.practise C.follow D.appear 参考答案 1.【答案】D,理解推断题。

网络购物时代人们能够( can)进行购物和待在家里看电视 两不误。


坐在家中运用网络电视系统购物成为一种流行的方式( wa y)。

programme 节目,项目;reason 原因;purpose 目的。


副词 ever 表示“有时,从来”,起到加强语气的作用,符合 题意。


be proud of 为……自豪;be fond of 喜欢……;be tire d of 厌烦……;be careful of 小心……。

从后文中所列举的商店购物的不利之处可知,应 选 C。


have slight hope of 表示“……的希望很渺茫”,符合题意。


此处表示电视购物,既有产品描述还有模特的具体演 示,关联词 while 在这里强调两个动作同时进行。


客户买东西需要的仅仅是打个电话,副词 simply 在这里表 示“简单,仅仅”。


电视网络购物成为潮流,许多大型商场等非常“急于”分享 这一块大“蛋糕”obe eager to do sth.表示“急于做某事”,符合题意。


一些大型百货商店正忙于建立( setting up)自己的电视购 物频道。

put up 搭起,张贴;make up 编造;look up 查阅,都不符合题意。


place orders 表示“订购”。


电视购物会不会最终代替商店购物呢?副词 lastly 强调罗 列要点时的“最后一点”;而 finally 则表示“最终,最后”,符合题意。


副词 however 表示前后两句之间的转折关系,但后面往 往用逗号隔开,因此此处 yet(然而)符合题意。


连词 or(或者)表示选择关系.因此空白处内容与 try o n dresses 之间可选择其一,应选择 touch,即“摸一摸或者试穿一下他们想买的商品”。


根据上下文的语境,题干的大意应是“那就是……的原因( That's why...)"。


专家预测未来社会电视网络购物将与商店购物并存( exi st),但永远不会完全替代(replace)它。

Ann Curry is a famous news presenter of the NBC News “Today” show. When she w as 15 she happened to walk into a bookstore in her hometown and began looking at th e books on the shelves. The man behind the counter, Mac McCarley, asked if she‟d lik e a job. She needed to start saving for college, so she said yes. Ann worked after school and during summer vacations, and the job helped pay for h er first year of college. During college she would do many other jobs: she served coffee i n the student union(学生会), was a hotel maid and even made maps for the U.S. Forest S ervice. But selling books was one of the most satisfying jobs. One day a woman came into the bookstore and asked Ann for books on cancer(癌 症). The woman seemed anxious. Ann showed her practically everything they had and fo und other books they could order. The woman left the store less worried, and Ann has al ways remembered the pride she felt in having helped her customer. Years later, as a television reporter in Los Angeles, Ann heard about a child who wa s born with problems with his fingers and his hand. His family could not afford a surgical (外科的) operation, and the boy lived in shame, hiding his hand in his pocket all the time.

Ann persuaded her boss to let her do the story. After the story was broadcast, a doct or and a nurse called, offering to perform the surgical operation for free. Ann visited the boy in the recovery room after the operation. The first thing he did wa s to hold up his repaired hand and say, “Thank you.” What a sweet sense of satisfactio n Ann Curry felt! At McCarley‟s bookstore, Ann always sensed she was working for the customers, no t the store. Today it‟s the same. NBC News pays her, but she feels as if she works for th e people who watch the programmes, helping them make sense of the world. 1.Ann Curry got her first job _____. A.from her friend in a bookstore C.at the NBC news “Today” show B.a couple of years before college D.when she was studying at university2.At which part?time job did Ann Curry feel the happiest? A.The hotel. C.The student union. B.The bookstore. D.The US Forest Service.3.What particularly gives her the feeling of pride? A.Helping people through work. C.Being able to do different jobs well. B.Reporting interesting stories. D.Paying through her college education.4.How did Ann help the child get the operation he needed? A.Ann persuaded the boy to speak on TV. lf. C.Ann‟s boss agreed to raise money. me doctors. 参考答案: 1.【答案】B,推理判断题。


由 第一段最后一句“Sheneeded to start saving for college, so she said yes.(她需要开始为上 大学攒钱,因此就答应了。


故选 B。

2. 答案】 事实细节题。

【 B, 由文章第二段最后一句“But selling ba 以 s wa8 0ne of the m ost satisfying jobs. (然而书是最让她感到满足的工作之一。

)”可知,B 项为正确答案。


由第三段最后一句“…and Ann has always remembered t he pride she felt in having helped her customer。

(......她一直记得帮助顾客之后感到的骄 傲。

)”可知,A 项为正确答案。

D.Ann‟s news report moved so B.Ann paid for the operation herse